Patient Reviews


“I was having some problems with rashes, and had been seen by several doctors before I met Dr. Sikora.  I  was always given some type of medication and sent on my way.  However, Dr. Sikora really took the time to look into my situation and offered allergy testing.  He eventually found out the cause of my rashes and recommended allergy shots.  I eventually started to feel better!  He really took the time to look at my overall situation and figure out what was really happening with me. He was very professional and flexible with his schedule. My youngest daughter said he was the  best doctor ever!”  – Greg

“My children had several issues with allergies and we had seen other physicians in the area. Dr. Sikora was just outstanding.  He does such a great job — his interpersonal skills and bedside manner  are amazing.  That’s the reason why he was voted Top Doctor —  he cares so much for his patients.  His staff was also very caring and professional. I can’t stress enough how he really cares for the folks he sees.  He and his staff do a  phenomenal job.” – Mark

“Dr. Sikora and his staff were very helpful and attentive.  He’s really great!  If you’re looking for an allergist, Dr. Sikora is the one you want to go see — he’s the best doctor we’ve got.” – Kim

“Dr. Sikora’s staff have always been very professional and friendly.  I was on allergy shots at another practice, but decided to leave because it felt a bit like an assembly line.  At the Virgina Center for Allergy and Asthma, it is a lot more personal.” – Matt

“The staff and Dr. Sikora are very personal — they care about your well-being.” – Jonathan

We are the highest rated allergy office as reported on, and